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Synonyms for pocketbook

your personal financial means

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a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money

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a container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women)

References in classic literature ?
He left the box and dice where they fell, threw the purse to the wounded man, and eagerly opened the pocketbook.
He then laid his pocketbook under his pillow, shook hands with me, and advised me to take some biscuit in my bag, instead of breakfasting on the road.
I will read you their names directly; here they are, in my pocketbook.
He drew from his pocketbook a snowy little card and passed it to us with a profound bow:
Suddenly, however, he observed his pocketbook in my hand.
Holmes examined it for some time, and then, folding it carefully up, he placed it in his pocketbook.
and the count began bustling to get out his pocketbook.
Now I shall keep this before me, and every day I shall make a little mark in my pocketbook, and on the last day of all--let me think, what shall we do to celebrate the last day of all?
I know he deposited a pocketbook with the purser, and I happened to be standing by when he received it back.
About this time Thersites Junior really began to make something like a reputation, and to walk abroad habitually with a bank-note comfortably lodged among the other papers in his pocketbook.
His pocketbook was missing; but his watch and his rings were found on the body.
His playfellow for the time being put a shawl or a handkerchief over his head, so as to prevent him from seeing, and then hid among the furniture a pocketbook, or a cigar-case, or a purse, or anything else that happened to be at hand, leaving the dog to find it, with his keen sense of smell to guide him.
Taking from his clothing a small red-leather pocketbook, one-half of which was leaved for memoranda, he discovered that he was without a pencil.
Shall we say this day week," asked the Major, taking out his pocketbook, "at eight o'clock?
He held out his open pocketbook to Amelia while he spoke.