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Synonyms for pocket-size

limited in size or scope

small enough to be carried in a garment pocket

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Kimberly-Clark Corporation offers "A Reference Guide to Indoor Air Quality," an eight-page, pocket-size guide.
The kit includes two videocassettes, an audio CD with pocket-size instruction book, a CD-ROM and a website connection.
From the beginning, the idea of cramming an entire PC into a pocket-size device seemed unnecessarily fraught with problems.
In May of this year The Economics Press sold its famous publication, Bits & Pieces--a motivational pocket-size magazine with "a loyal readership of more than 250,000 people worldwide"--to Lawrence Ragan Communications Inc.
The site carries information that updates the pocket-size manuals clinicians usually carry for condensed data on which antibiotics to use for specific infectious diseases.
Itty-bitty computers, such as the Philips Velo and LG Electronics Phenom, run pocket-size versions of the Microsoft Office applications and function well as both an Internet and a presenter's tool.
They expect quadriplegics will be able to use this pocket-size electronic device within the next 5 years.