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a watch that is carried in a small watch pocket

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The pocket watch was kept in the family as a reminder of him and his war.
What intrigued Little Ming most about the pocket watch was the tiny second hand.
One of the last tickets for the Titanic's doomed maiden voyage and a pocket watch which stopped when it sank have been sold by a relative of a survivor, a British auctioneer said yesterday.
Prindergrast's lost pocket watch, he sees to it that she is sent to the same school as his son.
TELLY rogue Del Boy made millions from an old pocket watch in Only Fools And Horses - but a real-life sale of old timepieces made about pounds 8million at a Christie's sale in London last week.
Also included in the list of items up for auction was a signed first edition of The Waste Land and a silver hunting case pocket watch which was received by Eliot as a Christmas gift in 1900 when he was 12 years old.
He hands Holmes a pocket watch about which he said nothing other than that it had recently come into his possession.
assigned aides to alter textbook photos of Emmanuel Leutze's famous "Washington Crossing the Delaware" painting because some grown-ups thought parts of Washington pocket watch might appear to fifth-graders to be the Founding Father's penis.
The royal displays of affection include a pocket watch, a silver pipe and a Book of Common Prayer.
Habsburg's numerous achievements include the sale of a Patek Philippe pocket watch -- for a record $3.
About the size of a pocket watch, an ICD is implanted in the chest and provides therapy through a small insulated wire (called a lead) for potentially lethal fast heart rates (ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation).
THE family of a veteran who was presented with a gold pocket watch for his heroic actions during World War I are appealing for its return after it was stolen during the Wales versus Australia rugby international.
Inspiration for the shaping and print of his coat came from the border of a Victorian stamp, while his waistcoat was inspired by a pattern on the back of a Victorian pocket watch.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Pitstop 9 Mitre 10 Roger 11 Cascade 12 Via 13 Elevated 16 Castaway 17 Imp 19 Pageant 21 Arena 22 Thong 23 Heroine DOWN: 1 Approve 2 Stigmata 3 Stir 4 Emissary 5 Etna 6 Reset 8 Pocket watch 13 Estrange 14 Epidemic 15 Apparel 18 Spots 20 Good 21 Airy QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Speed camera 8 Ale 9 Art 11 Gallery 12 Romeo 13 Opt 14 Paw 15 Peanuts 17 Yam 19 Paul 21 Rate 23 Tsar 25 Fuss 27 Cue 29 Hamster 31 Ass 34 Pro 36 Slang 37 Instead 38 Her 39 Eve 40 Disentangle DOWN: 1 Slap 2 Pelt 3 Element 4 Crying 5 Merit 6 Ramp 7 Area 8 Agony 10 Towel 16 Spa 18 Mrs 20 Arc 22 Ash 24 Stetson 25 Flash 26 Assist 28 Erode 30 Argue 32 Sled 33 Sari 34 Peel 35 Rave
A WIDOW was left distraught after burglars raided her home as she slept - stealing her late husband's gold pocket watch.