pocket veto

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indirect veto of legislation by refusing to sign it

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An (unsuccessful) override vote was held, in Obey's (Grim 2010) words, "to demonstrate that in our judgment a pocket veto is not appropriate, that the president exercised [an] irregular veto and it should be treated as such.
The pocket veto can be an equally powerful tool in business.
The President constitutionally must have the power to veto the result of any impeachment trial (subject to two-thirds override by both houses) and to pocket veto lame duck impeachments.
Another smart move that Maisler would recommend to other CPAs interested in launching businesses was the pocket veto given to each of the founders at the outset.
The use of adjournment most similar to the use of the Recess in the Recess Appointments Clause -- in its recognition of the dangers of an absent Senate -- appears in Article I, Section 7, Clause 2,(91) the Pocket Veto Clause.
Use of the pocket veto by the president to prevent enactment of legislation was upheld by the U.
Their work was undone, however, when President Bush exercised a surprise pocket veto of the measure, proving that little has changed in the executive branch as a result of the Iran/contra scandal.
264), the long-awaited legislation died from a pocket veto by the President.
Of the uncertain vetoes in the 100th Congress, one, limiting advertising on children's television, was a pocket veto in Reagan's last year, meaning there could be no SVB.
One change, the elimination of the pocket veto, would restore greater balance between the executive and the legislative branches.
A pocket veto occurs when the Legislature approves a bill and then adjourns for the year.
President act in the pocket veto context, it contains no explicit
The network hasn't officially passed, but consider it a pocket veto.
Thus, Bork has held that the homeless have no right to challenge a decision by the Administration not to establish a "model shelter' as promised; that Medicare patients may not challenge an effort of the Department of Health and Human Services to prevent the courts from reviewing denials of claims; that Haitian refugees may not challenge a government policy of stopping refugees on the high seas; and that Congressmen may not challenge the President's use of the pocket veto.
Reagan eventually circumvented this inconvenience using a pocket veto, but the certification hearings in the interim were highly embarrassing.