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maniculatus), hispid pocket mouse (Chaetodipus hispidus), fulvous harvest mouse (R.
Several features differentiate the Overlook Spiny Pocket Mouse from the more common Heteromys anomalus, known as the Caribbean Spiny Pocket Mouse.
At the unaided succession site, hispid cotton rat, Mexican spiny pocket mouse, and house mouse (Mus musculus) comprised 93.
Abstract: We investigated the swimming abilities of three Costa Rican dry forest rodents (Coues' rice rat, Oryzomys couesi, hispid cotton rat, Sigmodon hispidus, and spiny pocket mouse, Liomys salvini) associated with a large marsh, Laguna Palo Verde, using 90 s swim trials in a plastic container.
Some animals, such as the Apache pocket mouse, the bleached earless lizard, and the Cowles prairie lizard, have adapted.
Animals like the Point Arena mountain beaver, Stephen's kangaroo rat, and Pacific pocket mouse, all endangered and living on habitat "islands" in California, are susceptible to cats.
All of the high divergence estimates in figure 3b are due to the presence of one individual pocket mouse (table 1, haplotype 15); this individual's haplotype is very similar (%p = 0.
The report issued a strong rebuttal to the "unsubstantiated assertions" made by the Coastal Commission staff about apocalypse for the Pacific pocket mouse and other species.
Their research indicated that assemblages of rodents in riparian areas were dominated by the Chihuahuan Desert pocket mouse (Chaetodipus eremicus), and that saltcedars were becoming more dominant (Boeer, 1977).
Pocket mouse remains are commonly represented in the regurgitated pellets of owls, which often litter the vicinity of roosting owls.
rudinoris, the largest pocket mouse locally (Table 1), was also the most widespread, and was clearly more generalized in its microhabitat affinities.
longimembris, the most abundant pocket mouse at all sites, was more numerous in the lightly grazed treatments.
The Apache pocket mouse has a white coat unlike the more common tan coloring among pocket mice.
Biologists believe the restoration project may attract the Pacific Little Pocket Mouse, California Brown Pelican, Belding Savannah Sparrow, Light-Footed Clapper Rail, California Least Tern and Western Snowy Plover.