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a lighter for cigars or cigarettes

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To optimize sales and generate strong profits, pocket lighters should be merchandised at the front end of the store, where high traffic creates high visibility," says Brad Adamson, brand manager-pocket lighter marketing for Shelton, Conn.
Priced at 69p, and available in trays of 25 individual units or in cases of 20 blister packs, the Cricket Pocket lighter is available in four colours.
The Zippo windproof pocket lighter - in addition to the traditional chrome finish - features millions of designs depicting hobbies, activities, logos and lifestyle interests.
In the pocket lighter (disposable cigarette lighter) segment, a Bic stock analyst and investor-day presentation reported that the majority of sales (52 percent) were generated by convenience stores, while grocery accounted for only 7 percent of sales; mass retailer sales were slightly higher, at 12 percent, while drug and discount claimed just 6 percent and 8 percent, respectively.
The CryptoStick is a compact device the size of a small pocket lighter that fits on a key ring or clips to your pocket and provides you with immediate access to your encrypted, confidential documents.
Pocket lighters are promoted with our consumers on our Pocket Lighter Facebook page, www.
Top Philippine exports to Russia include seaweeds, coconuts, static converters, pocket lighters and ignition wiring sets.
Old flame: Ronson lighter Pocket lighters and the larger table and desk versions - which have been produced in the shape of animals and, in particular, aircraft, are both popular with collectors.
Reacting to press reports that the European Commission has decided not to extend anti-dumping (AD) duties on Chinese lighters (see Europolitics 4536), BIC - the world leader in pocket lighters - has accused the EU executive of going against the best interests of European companies.
Possibilities include sparkwheel pocket lighters, electronic pocket lighters, standard utility lighters, candle lighters and more.
MORE than 400,000 people, many of them children, are burnt each year by dodgy pocket lighters.
Some smokers even prefer them to pocket lighters for firing up their cigars.
The European Union (EU) has decided to lift its antidumping duty on imports of Japanese pocket lighters and also to exclude new models of Japanese professional TV camera systems from the duty, according to an official EU journal.
Indonesia exports three types of gas lighters as follows: pocket lighters, gas-fuelled, nonrefillable; pocket lighters, gas-fuelled, refillable; and other lighters.
Calico Brands, a manufacturer of utility and pocket lighters, creates products that are high impulse, which leads to high sales, say officials for the Ontario, Calif.