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a knife with a blade that folds into the handle

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At the police station another two policemen were about to conduct a body search but the 25-year-old attacked them with his pocket knife.
Though the term has taken on new meaning in recent decades, utility knives can be anything from the folding pocket knife one carries on a daily basis, a fixed-blade general utility knife carried on a belt and used for anything from cutting hides and cordage to cutting an apple at lunchtime, or the sliding-blade cutter generally referred to as a utility knife or box cutter today and used in construction settings and factories.
Security was reportedly called to escort Kimbrough out after he showed his pocket knife to senior staff members.
According to the arrest affidavit, Bradley Kent Strott, of Saint Petersburg stabbed the unidentified victim in the neck with a pocket knife.
When he came to get off he said the man who had threatened him lunged at his throat with a pocket knife and pushed him up against the dash board of the bus.
Race knives were often made to fold like a pocket knife.
A PATIENT stabbed a nurse with a pocket knife in hospital.
John McGovern, 19, used a pocket knife when he stabbed boxer Michael Doherty on June 23, 2007.
He then stabbed Miss Yates 21 times with a pocket knife in what judge Anthony Scott-Gall decsribed as a "horrific and wholly irrational" attack.
A YOUNG man was behind bars yesterday after he admitted carrying a folding pocket knife.
Determined to create a combination of a pocket knife and pliers tool in one compact unit, the engineers at Leatherman[R] resorted back 25 years to the original design of the PST in hopes of revising the look and implementing compact functionality.
The Swiss Army knife is the official pocket knife of 16 armies.
Authorities said Trieu suddenly attacked Latif with a pocket knife during an exam at Heartbeat Cardiovascular Medical Group, 660 W.
Risking a bad fall--or possible electrocution--Cashen climbed into the cockpit and freed the trapped survivors, Steve Schieber and Dan Lawlor, by cutting their safety belts with a pocket knife and lowering them to arriving rescuers below the plane.
Available items include, the Night Wolf Folding Pocket Knife, with a 3", partially serrated, stainless steel blade and high-visibility LED; the Camouflage Quick Change Utility Knife features one-handed mechanism, belt clip, and folds to pocket size and uses standard utility knife blades; the Cypress Folding Pocket Knife, featuring a 3 3/8" stainless steel, titanium coated, partially serrated blade with a 4 3/8" camouflage rubber grip handle; the Sheffield Camouflage Knife Assortment Rack includes six of each of the camouflage line plus a display rack.