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a flap that covers the access to a pocket

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Grab the top left edge of this flap and tuck it into the pocket flap made in step?
Center regimental crest 1/8 inch above the top of the pocket flap.
Center unit awards 1/8 inch above the top of the pocket flap (males), and center unit awards with the bottom edge 1/2 inch above the top of the nameplate (females).
When worn, center identification badges between the bottom of the pocket flap and the bottom of the pocket (males), or parallel to the waistline of the coat (females).
The collar, pocket flaps and cuffs will be stitched A- inch around all edges.
He was wearing a grey hooded coat, with cream patches and possibly with pocket flaps.
1 -- color) Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi hand-stitches the squares on Renee Zellweger's pink tweed suit so the lines on the jacket, with white collar and pocket flaps, match the lines on the dress she wears underneath.
On many men's shirts and women's blouses, where one finds pocket flaps, one would expect pockets.
Researchers have informally dubbed it the `Velcro effect;' referring to the clingy commercial material whose entangling fingers close pocket flaps and serve in a host of familiar applications.
For ladies blazer uses, interlinings from H&V are available for full front fusibles, facing fusibles, collar fusibles and pocket flaps, all from a soft to moderately firm hand.
As a result, sheriff uniforms across the state now consist of black shirts with distinctive gray epaulets and pocket flaps, a matching gray tie, and gray pants with a black stripe down each leg.
7 Metal Push Button Shall Be Provided At All Places Including Pocket Flaps, Shoulder, Strap And Sleeves Straps.
There should not be any appearance of pressed-in wrinkles from buttons, pocket flaps, pleats or seams.
For example Wrangler Hero and Brittania are introducing khaki colored pants with contrast inside waist bands and pocket flaps.