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In the games category, an average of 52 minutes are being spent on Minecraft - Pocket Edition and 42 minutes being spent on Clash of Clans daily
Your dog is a pocket edition, a precis of dogliness, a canine Hornby Dublo or Danny de Vito, an essence or distillation of something that perhaps a hundred generations ago might have weighed a bit more than a pigeon.
25kg, pick up an ultra slim e-reader, such as the Sony Reader Pocket Edition, pounds 149, which weighs less than one paperback book and will save you over a bag of sugar in weight, says Shani Ellis, spokeswoman for the store.
The entry-level Pocket Edition ($149) has basic e-reader capabilities, a 5-inch E Ink screen and no wireless functionality.
25kg Vs Sony E Reader Pocket Edition, 220g Instead of packing heavy paperbacks choose a compact and lightweight E reader, pounds 149, which could save you more than 1kg, the equivalent of a bag of sugar, less than one paperback, and lets you download up to 350 books.
Now, with the Reader Pocket Edition from Sony, we're able to access up to 350 books from anywhere.
According to RetailWeek, Foyles' e-book store will carry 57,000 e-book titles and the bookseller will also retail Sony's Touch Edition and Pocket Edition e-readers.
Sony has a range of three readers--The Reader Pocket Edition (five-inch display), The Reader Touch Edition (six-inch display) and the Reader Daily Edition (seven-inch display).
Sony United kingdom Limited announced yesterday (Tuesday) that two new Sony e-book readers, the Reader Pocket Edition and the Reader Touch Edition, will be available for pre-order from today (26 August) from the company website (http://sony.
A pocket edition of the Bank's World Development Indicators intended as a quick reference for users of the mother volume and its online versions.
Each of our eight winners will also receive a pocket edition of Lucia's book.
There have been 16 editions of the book prior to the publication of this pocket edition.
This expanded pocket edition (no date is cited for the first) is distributed by Globe Pequot Press.
Charles Fothergill's compendious The York Almanac and Royal Calendar of Upper Canada, for the Year 1826 represents our country in Books for Every Market: The Pocket Edition.
Yuu had planned to publish the story in a pocket edition.