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a dictionary that is small enough to carry in your pocket

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Collins Gem, the first ever pocket dictionary was also launched that year.
But his minor creative adjustment is unrecognized, and the apocalyptic evening ends in melodrama, with Tearle shielded from a fatal knife wound by the Oxford Pocket Dictionary in his pocket.
In his luggage were the basic necessities for the job - two pairs of Levis 501's, a Japanese-English pocket dictionary and a three-month supply of seaweed and soybean paste.
com/research/c18b2e3a/the_animated_pocke) has announced the addition of the "The Animated Pocket Dictionary of Oncology" report to their offering.
If there be say 288 different seesaw results and 144,000 OSW words, an average Scrabble playground would hold 500 words, while MW Pocket Dictionary at 40,000 words would have an average of only 139 words.
present an alphabetical pocket dictionary of medical terms for general readers that describes diseases and symptoms, first-aid procedures, human anatomy, dentistry, medications and their applications, and other terms, along with tables of weights and measures, elements, vitamins, trade and generic names of drugs, complementary and alternative medicine terms, and managed care terms, and appendices of major organ systems, common abbreviations, and herbal medicines and potential interactions.
Van Dale Dutch English Pocket dictionary for Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Symbian - 9,99 Euro
Unwrapping the first revealed a book: Pocket Dictionary of American Words.
She'd spit out at an oath, check her pocket dictionary, then spit out another, then ended her foul-mouthed tirade by adding, ".
Plus 10 runnersup will get a pocket dictionary and thesaurus worth pounds 8.
April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- iPREPpress and Merriam- Webster today announced the release of Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary for the iPod, the first all-text brand-named dictionary for the iPod.
Then you just don't get it, said Gareth Branwyn, author of ``Jargon Watch: A Pocket Dictionary for the Jitterati'' (HardWired).
com/research/64b1ba63/the_animated_pocke) has announced the addition of the "The Animated Pocket Dictionary of Dermatology" report to their offering.
But OAD is only about thrice as big as a pocket dictionary, 180,000 words counting all inflections or about half that many head words.
Customized solutions and tools to support teaching and learning also are available, including the eReader Classics Collection, a comprehensive collection of 500 titles commonly found on middle and high school reading lists; eBook Studio, which allows teachers and students to make their own eBooks; and the eReader Pro software application, with a built-in Webster's New World Vest Pocket Dictionary to enhance the reading and study experience.