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Think Question Time but with laughs and without po-faced, often terrified politicians, and you get the idea.
We have endured po-faced politicians and trade union leaders expressing "concern" for the future of Cadbury workers, but they all embrace global capitalism which has seen control of many British firms going into foreign hands.
The po-faced in our midst will have tut-tutted at such a statistic, complaining that consumerism and merry-making have apparently hi-jacked their Christian festival.
On the other hand there are so many po-faced, stiff shirt architectural websites out there you don't mind a bit of silliness.
It's possibly intended to show the FSA isn't po-faced about the campaign--but it's in danger of trivialising it.
Having said all this, I'm glad the po-faced Russians did eventually let him continue and wish him luck with his challenge.
Dear Editor, - John Cranage writes: Ever since he walked into 11 Downing Street in May 1997, stolid, po-faced Gordon Brown (below) has been robbing the nation's pensions funds to the tune of pounds 5 billion by denying them the tax credit on the share dividend income that forms a large part of their annual income (Post, April 4).
And, like Mike Kelley before him, he employs adolescent humor to bypass any lingering expectations of a po-faced, grown-up "conclusion.
And Juliet (Mar Baudesson) seems perfectly happy with her betrothal to Pads even after Romeo (Kim McCarthy) comes along, which makes you wonder why she goes off with the po-faced boy.
PUPPY love was all the rage on People's Sunday at Wimbledon yesterday - and this cute dog even had Andy Murray's usually po-faced coach Ivan Lendl smiling.
But now some po-faced Swede is claiming that Eurovision is serious and not a "fun kitsch show".
I have been called many things in my life - and I do mean many - in all the different forms of the English language, but po-faced and humourless is a first and as for political correctness, well I think that my record stands for itself.
I LIKE motormouth Jeremy Clarkson because he drives the pompous, po-faced and politically correct mad with rage.
You don't need a po-faced, long, detailed explanation - for some people, the simple answer is 'I thought this policy was giving me valuable additional protection from fraud, now I've found it wasn't'.
But there's no need for all period dramas to be po-faced, is there?