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Hut lung: A domestically acquired pneumoconiosis of mixed aetiology in rural women.
The diagnosis of asbestosis, like any other pneumoconiosis, must include a thorough occupational, environmental, and family history.
During the same time period, multiple-cause-of-death data derived from death certificates of US residents show nearly 60 000 decedents with CWP listed as a cause of death and more than 15 000 other decedents with unspecified pneumoconiosis, (9) most of whom represent CWP deaths.
Pneumoconiosis is interstitial lung disease caused by inhaling fine particles (e.
Now, 40 years later, Ireland's coal miners, dogged by ill-health from pneumoconiosis or black lung disease, and asthma, are battling for compensation.
We separately evaluated 3 groups of persons who had died with pulmonary mycosis coded as either the underlying or the contributing cause of death (any mention on death certificate) during 1979-2004: 1) those with any mention of silicosis versus no mention; 2) those with any mention of asbestosis versus no mention; and 3) those with any mention of coal worker pneumoconiosis (CWP) versus no mention.
The authors conclude that the patient's pneumoconiosis was associated with occupational exposures but was not definitive])' related to his exposure to MMVFs.
FUKUI, Japan - The Fukui District Court ruled Wednesday a man who suffered from depression and killed himself after being diagnosed with pneumoconiosis should be granted worker's compensation, nullifying a labor standards inspection office's decision not to pay it to his wife.
According to minister Christos Patsalides, the flu vaccinations programme will be carried out in two phases and the medication will cover the seasonal flu and pneumoconiosis, as well as the H1N1 flu.
What is the common name for the occupational disease pneumoconiosis, which was once prevalent among coalminers?
These workers are most at risk of some form of pneumoconiosis, or miner's lung.
He added: "Miners had to campaign for years to prove a link between pneumoconiosis and working down the pits and, for many years, there was a reluctance to acknowledge a link between smoking and lung cancer.
A member of a pneumoconiosis self-help group recalled an unforgettable experience when he visited another group member who was admitted to the hospital because of breathing difficulty: "When he saw me, he started crying and holding my hands with his hands tightly.
The settlement is expected to affect other suits involving miners or tunnel workers who contracted pneumoconiosis.