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bacterium causing pneumonia in mice and humans

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IPD, defined for this program as isolation of pneumococcus from a normally sterile site, was chosen as the syndrome to be tracked because pneumococci identified from blood or cerebrospinal fluid are indicative of disease, whereas pneumococci from the respiratory tract might not be indicative, and because clinical practices associated with severe disease were unlikely to vary dramatically in different geographic areas.
Pneumococcus is a bacterium that causes several different types of serious infections in children, of which the most common is pneumonia.
Based on current recommendations; having a significant smoking history and a CSF leak are two indications for receiving a pneumococcus vaccination.
They used the latest genomic techniques combined with epidemiology to understand how different serotypes of the pneumococcus bacteria evolve to replace those targeted by the initial vaccine.
As well as preventing flu, the flu vaccine will protect against influenza pneumonia, and decreases the chance of getting pneumonia due to pneumococcus and other bacteria (because people are often infected with such bacteria when they have flu).
In fact, pneumococcus is the most common bacterial cause of pneumonia, and as we may discuss a little bit further, it often complicates influenza.
Q: Is the vaccine against pneumococcus a reality yet?
Children could benefit from the spray, which is based on tackling the bacteria pneumococcus.
Every year across the world, up to one million under-fives die because of pneumococcus.
The polysaccharide capsule of these three encapsulated bacteria allows for their characterisation into serogroups or serotypes: more than 90 serotypes for the pneumococcus, 13 serogroups for the meningococcus (A, B, C, D, X, Y, Z, E, W-135, H, I, K and L) and 6 serotypes for H.
The purchase will provide Intercell with the opportunity to develop new medical and commercial applications for its antigen identification programme (AIP), which has delivered promising vaccine candidates against a number of infections including Staphylococcus aureus and Pneumococcus aureus.
The proportion of cases of LRTI attributable to pneumococcus remains a challenge as only a minority of cases are bacteremic (3-30%) (15-17), few lung puncture studies are performed on healthy children and the specificity of other diagnostic studies has not been established.
A 38-YEAR-OLD man is in serious condition after he tested positive for both the H1N1 virus and pneumococcus bacteria.
Considering the high disease burden due to pneumococcus the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) also recommended inclusion of this new vaccine in the routine immunization schedule.
In October 2006, a serious outbreak of five cases of pneumonia was caused by pneumococcus bacteria in the reception classes of Priory Primary School in Percy Park Road, Tynemouth.