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a power drill powered by compressed air

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The electric Hilti drill, however, lagged with a penetration rate about one-third that of the pneumatic drills.
The electric Hilti drill, however, lagged with a penetration rate of about one-third those of the pneumatic drills.
THE GRINDING sound of pneumatic drills is the music Swansea skipper Roberto Martinez believes can drive his men right back into the play-off pack in the coming weeks.
Conventional pneumatic drills expose an estimated one million British workmen to potentially harmful vibrations.
The gonzoid mechanoid rock of their most recent work sounded like pneumatic drills or an air raid, but in a more tuneful way.
The condition is normally associated with mining and roadbuilding through the repeated use of pneumatic drills.
They suffer enough from the noise and pollution of daily traffic without having to put up with the sound of pneumatic drills in the early hours of the morning.
Then I ran the gauntlet of pneumatic drills courtesy of workmen who spend their entire lives digging up Birmingham's streets to lay cables.
He added: "They say the high-level band frequency damage I suffered is normally only seen in people working with pneumatic drills or riveters in shipyards.
There is no pressure to meet a time line, and there are no nail guns or pneumatic drills to hurry the process.
It appears that during the 6 years of operation fewer hits have been made then with the pneumatic drills and driving bars, according to jack Condon of the Boston Gas distribution department.
Total quantity or scope: Precision pneumatic drills Lot 1 6 rows = 1 piece
All I ever see is men at work with pneumatic drills and hard hats.
It doesn't take a genius to realise that letting workmen loose on mechanical diggers and pneumatic drills from midnight to 6am may disturb people's sleep.
The noise of pneumatic drills, diggers and diesel engines has kept residents awake throughout the night - and now they have been told work has been extended.