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a laminate made of thin layers of wood


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The spark immediately blazed into a fire, which was aided by the already weathered plyboard used as the outer and dividing walls between the two bedrooms and the bathroom, situated in a single file next to one another.
Its superb composition contains, among other elements, a real saxophone, flute, and a reconstructed washboard on a blue plyboard background.
An Indian wood and plyboard manufacturer that recently entered the coal trades is looking to invest up to $200m to build a fleet of bulkers to take advantage of booming coal transport in the subcontinent.
Even behind the Blankety Blank plyboard desk, it was obvious that those undulating curves had long disappeared.
Sukwinder Singh, 50, was devastated when his shop HC Plyboard and Timber Ltd, which he ran with his father, was also destroyed in the fire.
Wood, timber, plyboard, doors and window fittings, furniture, wire and metal mesh are all going to become costlier.
Cement Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Indian wood products maker Century Plyboard (I) Ltd (BOM:532548).
"If you have really ugly walls try and clad them or cover them with something such as plyboard, which you can paint, or screening, which comes on a roll.
"If you have really ugly walls, try and clad them or cover them with something such as plyboard, which you can paint, or screening, which comes on a roll.
Larson pulled out a chart that shows the prices for wood products such as plyboard and two-by-fours.
Wood is used for lightweight construction, packing materials, paneling, cabinets, furniture, toys, wooden shoes, musical instruments, lightweight veneer and plyboard, low density particleboard, pulp, paper, and matchsticks.
She held her breath and reached up to the top of the cheap plyboard cabinets.
As it turned out, my only serious competitor was an individual in Burn Ward whose Giant Reticulated Python rose to a height of nearly 1,000 feet before gale-force winds from the Great Lakes shattered it into bits of tissue paper and plyboard. In the final minutes of the competition my Purple Condor, the crowd's favorite, expected to win first prize, suddenly nose-dived to earth.
It is dim morning as we sit at the gingham-covered table inside the rude cabin of raw 2x4s and orange-painted plyboard, a ribcage of steel tubing above supporting flapping woven-plastic tarpaulin, a pressure lamp sputtering and hung from a wire, the oil burner purring and throwing out a welcome warmth.
Cartoonish drawings on plyboard tout the traditional midway foodstuffs; placards above the restrooms read, mysteriously, "Pointers" and "Setters" (oh, now he gets it); and so on.