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gauge consisting of an instrument to measure the quantity of precipitation

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Taking into account the fact that stream flows are generated by the concentration of the rainfall within their basins, it is reasonable to assume that groundwater recharge contributions can be calculated through a direct relation of the pluviometry (Figure 3(b)) and the 1960 estimate.
In addition, preliminary analyses showed that data from Norcia pluviometry are characterized by the highest values of cross-correlation with the flow rates of the Alzabove springs with respect to the other rain gauges located in the recharge basin.
The pluviometry seems the factor determining in the spatiotemporal distribution of oribates at ground level.
Their development is convenient between the temperatures 17 and 26[degrees]C and a very weak pluviometry. However year 2014 shows itself different as for the dispersal of oribates.
The comparative analysis of the monthly evolution of oribates and that of the pluviometry shows the impact of the latter on the temporal dispersal of acarids at ground level.
However, the weakest values are raised during the winter months in particular in December and January which seem to coincide with the lowest values of temperature of the year and a very plentiful pluviometry. This period seems to be unfavorable for the development of acarids.
The climate of the region presents an important pluviometric deficit (Evaporation > pluviometry) [7].
To do this, by applying flow rate and rainfall data of hydrometric and pluviometry data of the stations BabaAman, Ghatlish, Darkesh, Shirabad, Samalqan and Hootan , trend of the mentioned data has been assessed by using non parametric Mann-Kendall and Sen's Estimator tests and also parametric regression analysis tests.