plutonic rock

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large mass of intrusive igneous rock believed to have solidified deep within the earth

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NRM of intermediate rocks is comparable with their induced magnetization; in contrast, felsic plutonic rocks have much lower Q values (generally < 1), indicating the strong contribution of induced magnetization to the total magnetization.
A classification of volcanic and plutonic rocks using R1-R2 diagrams and major element analyses- its relationships and current nomenclature.
The metaconglomerate is poorly deformed and contains cm-size pebbles of sandstones, pelites, cherts, limestones, plutonic rocks (quartz-diorites, tonalites and granitoids) and volcanic rocks (basalts, andesites, dacites and glass fragments).
The Mira terrane is composed of mainly volcanic and plutonic rocks that form linear northeast-southwest trending belts separated by regional-scale faults and younger sedimentary cover sequences (Fig.
1), which comprises three amphibolite-facies high-strain zones separated by sheets of syn-kinematic plutonic rocks (Lissenberg and van Staal 2002).
The geological investigation of the study area reported the presence of porphyritic plutonic rocks (granites) that were affected by contact metamorphism.
They are intruded by younger plutonic rocks, including a 1294 [+ or -] 38 Ma tonalite pluton [20], 1200 to 1150 Ma mafic and felsic plutonic rocks [20, 45, 46], ca.
The geology as identified by Geoscience BC indicates a mid-Jurassic assemblage of calc-alkaline plutonic rocks of favourable composition to be mineralised.
1) consist mostly of Neoproterozoic metasedimentary and plutonic rocks typical of the Bras d'Or terrane of Barr and Raeside (1989) and Raeside and Barr (1990).