plus fours

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men's baggy knickers hanging below the knees

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PENALTY SHORTS J Lads dress in Union Jack plus fours beside the fairways OLE GRAIL Z Spanish fans rooting for Olazabal and Jimenez
"By using data-processing horsepower that just five years ago was affordable only to NASA or the IRS, we can now analyze all 18 million residential ZIP plus fours and isolate the presence of a desired consumer profile," Garberg said.
Newspapers must provide Sunflower with a count of their subscribers aggregated by ZIP plus fours.
"But newspapers should already have ZIP plus fours in their databases.
Instead of targeting consumers by ZIP codes or zones, NewsRoute targets by carrier routes, using "Zip plus four" codes provided by the newspaper.
The ever-enthusiastic Dom Joly dons the costume of his hero, complete with shorts and plus fours.
But we're not sure if her see-through silver dress will ever manage to replace plus fours.
# A pair of incontinence knickers (the see-through plus fours).
The Englishman, whose Union Jack trousers caused a stir on day one atThe Open, strode out in cream plus fours.
'I've always wanted to wear plus fours ever since I saw Payne wearing them.
Poulter added: 'I actually walked with him when he played Sandwich in 1993, but funnily enough, he wasn't wearing plus fours that day.