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Antonyms for pluralism

a social organization in which diversity of racial or religious or ethnic or cultural groups is tolerated

the doctrine that reality consists of several basic substances or elements

the practice of one person holding more than one benefice at a time

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The second chapter then turns to the topic of interpreting data pluralistically.
The theorists of postsecular society similarly stress that postsecular does not mean "de-secularized"; the concept presupposes the differentiation of religious and political authorities and a pluralistically oriented civil society.
After women were first admitted as cadets to West Point in 1976, the minority categories gradually became more differentiated and pluralistically expanded.
Rather, they know that they have to govern well and act pluralistically to stay in power.
Anyone wishing to promote the view of Islam as an essentially irenic, pluralistically disposed faith will have a very difficult time not stumbling over these two substantial boulders in his path.
In thinking pluralistically, relations are those constituted moments of specific experiences that lead to one route for how things may happen, not how they must happen in every instance.
Where both custom and formal law coexist pluralistically, custom has proved the more flexible of the two and, unless demonstrably better security is offered, it seems likely that custom will continue to be invoked and modified to provide security for new circumstances.
In other words, the bond with all human beings is justified in different ways, pluralistically, so that they can appeal to a wide range of agents, from the most self-centered to the most altruistic and compassionate.
First, the entire case study provides a way to view, discuss, and consider women's doctoral education pluralistically.
Conversely, the deeply deliberative conception seeks convergence and only grudgingly concedes that certain moral views may be fundamentally irreconcilable, rather than pluralistically celebrating (as Dewey and Posner do) the many distinctive ways one may live a human life.
The French Foreign Ministry congratulated Kyrgyz citizens with successful conduct of the parliamentary elections, which allowed teh people of Kyrgyzstan to express their will pluralistically.
132) would have strengthened their definitions and thereby strengthened Agnew's argument on the necessity for thinking about sovereignty more pluralistically in the era of globalization.
namely ones that are jurisgenerative and pluralistically oriented.
Rather than being manipulated by religious and theological thinking, literature here turns the tables by showing theology how to think creatively and pluralistically.
That which is pluralistically defined or determined by the individual journalists themselves.