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a social organization in which diversity of racial or religious or ethnic or cultural groups is tolerated

the doctrine that reality consists of several basic substances or elements

the practice of one person holding more than one benefice at a time

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Our pluralistic character has stood the test of time.
to create a Memorandum of Understanding and engage with the Knesset Education Committee and the Ministry of Education on ways to foster pluralistic and human rights-oriented content in the national education curriculum.
s ten criteria for deciding when one can advocate for legislation using an overtly religious rationale--despite a prima facie duty to use exclusively public reasoning in pluralistic contexts--is much more serviceable.
Meanwhile, leader of the Movement for Pluralistic Society Randa Kassis told RIA Novosti that the issue of foreign mercenaries in Syria was the main point of contention for the opposition members.
Karkkainen carefully argues that the complex task of dialogue and religious conversation in our pluralistic world demands "respectful honoring of the otherness of other traditions and their representatives, as well as bold but humble arguing for one's own deepest convictions, in the hope of being both enriched and enabled to share a convincing testimony" (365).
As she surveys examples, applications, and criticisms of various forms of pluralism inside and outside such communities, it becomes clear that Islam has not yet come to lit comfortably into any singular American pluralistic model.
For his part, President al-Assad said that the first experience of pluralistic presidential elections in Syria was a refined experience showing the awareness and culture of Syrians in democracy, adding that the biggest victor in these elections was the Syrian people who confronted all challenges and managed to have their say on Syria's future with strong will and adamant determination.
A pluralistic landscape also requires the creation of a self-regulatory council of print and electronic media , he added.
She said Parliament was pluralistic when it opened 94 years ago, but that today this is far from being the case.
On one end we have the party (Congress) who have advocated for a pluralistic view to unite the nation and on the other end we have the party (BJP) who has spread the majoritarian and sectarian venom," said Tiwari.
It's no good complaining about the rebels if you're not going to try and help those that want a free, democratic, pluralistic Syria.
Christian responsibility and communicative freedom; a challenge for the future of pluralistic societies; Collected essays, edited by Willem Fourie.
The essays explicate upon the editors' thesis that the pluralistic and multifaceted nature of violence within Latin American democratic institutions is not a systemic failure that can be simply benchmarked against a Western ideal but is instead an intrinsic element for nations transitioning to democracy.
Inclusive political institutions are those that are sufficiently pluralistic and are politically centralised.
The Spokesperson said that the President and the Co-Chairman PPP in his message on the day has reiterated that the party and its leadership would continue to uphold supremacy of the Parliament and the Constitution and would continue its struggle for building a modern, egalitarian and pluralistic society in which everyone is allowed opportunity to shape his or her own destiny-the values for which our great leader, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, stood and fought for and when the time came even laid down her life for it.