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Synonyms for pluralise

mark with a grammatical morpheme that indicates plural


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There is just one right area for each bowler on every pitch, so they must not pluralise the word.
It is as though the authors simply jammed together all the buzzwords they could think off taking particular care to pluralise words for which no plural is acknowledged in the standard dictionaries, tossed in a bit of content whenever the post-modern language generator failed them, sat back, smiled smugly and congratulated themselves on the scholarly excellence of their prose.
Though socialism requires dedicated political parties," Cronin offers, "it also has to broaden, pluralise and socialise itself in a shared project of human civilisation.
For example, if we pluralise fear an ti the meaning changes.
Why does one pluralise the poor sod who pushes a pen in an upstairs room in Balham?
I am informed that biologists pluralise genus names by unexpectedly adding-s to the above obviously feminine Latin nouns where one would anticipate eg Triolenae: that confirms all my prejudices about them