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the form of a word that is used to denote more than one


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On the other hand, in the paradigm of aiga, we find no length alternations in the stem-final consonant in the relevant singular forms and no palatalization in the relevant plural forms. In this way, where a language-user inflects muna on the model of either tuba or aiga, they will produce (certain) incorrect forms.
(52) Given that this plural form is not found in any of the other Semitic languages, the use of the plural base *bayatt- for *bayt seems to be a strong feature linking the Canaanite and Aramaic subgroups.
Dawaesh, a plural form of the word that sounds even sillier in Arabic, is widely used in the Middle East.
Further, some singular nouns end in s, and not all of them even have a plural form, for example, news (see Singular Nouns Ending in s later in this chapter).
He also found nouns that occur only in their plural form like j?
The word class is changed by using morphemes like gulluish (adjective); gulluishly (adverb); gullunize (verb); gulluism (abstract noun); the plural form is gullues; the past simple tense of gullu rather than being gullued is gulloished; the comparative form of gulluish is more gulluish (not gulloisher down the request stating that the term Gullu does not meet the entry criteria required for including a word in Oxford Dictionaries."
I'VE never met former Everton number nine Graeme Sharp, so I've no idea how well his views match mine on most topics - including the Euro, the bedroom tax and the correct plural form of the computer mouse.
"Ulama" is the plural form of the Arabic word "Alem" meaning "scholar", but by no means have these men used the distinguished thoughts of a scholar to devise this mandate.In the past ten years, the Ulama Council has been the other side of the Taliban coin.
Wright--Wright's description (1925:181-182) includes the observation that disyllabic a-neuters which historically terminated in n, or r, and which contained a short root syllable, did not regularly undergo syncopation but did regularly delete inflectional -u, and the note that plural form variation was greater in Late Old English times than it was in Early Old English times.
A plural form provides efficiency and quality benchmark information that curbs even greater levels of shirking and free-riding behaviors and enhances system performance.
This could soon take on a plural form, BRICS, with the inclusion of South Africa, which has been invited as an observer.
This usage developed because some can't cope with the English language's lack of a plural form for "you", unlike Welsh.