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the form of a word that is used to denote more than one


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Dependent variable: 0 = no plural form use; 1 = use of plural forms;
The conservative paradigm shows a split between the singular and the plural forms of the derivative: like Early Romani, in the singular forms PPS did not lose the possibility to mark gender and number of the base in the derivational morpheme (as Layer I and II did), while we have a single derivational marker in the plural.
In the second example, friends is nearer to the verb, which therefore takes the plural form like:
1SGPRIND kavvelen, 2SGIPFIND kavveliD) and 3rd person singular in the past (kavveli) and AG in the infinitive, gerund (kavellez), present form of the impersonal (kavella) and plural form of the past participle (kavelleD), and as a parallel form in the singular (kavelluD ~ kavelD).
Each of these two discourses reports the Buddha addressing Anuruddha and his companions Nandiya and Kimbila with the plural form anuruddha, "Anuruddhas.
The token data culled embody all occurrences of these 15 nouns in nominative plural form and accusative plural form in the materials of the text corpus.
We focus on these two negative types of behaviors because in plural form franchise organizations, they can have adverse consequences at the individual and unit levels of analysis while potentially offering more positive outcomes at the system level.
This usage developed because some can't cope with the English language's lack of a plural form for "you", unlike Welsh.
As an example of a word with commonly misused cases, Kressel cites "debtors," the plural form of the noun, "debtor's," the singular possessive, and "debtors'," the plural possessive.
To these nouns mainly belong mass nouns such as kil 'iron' or hi: 'milk' that lack a normal plural form.
Further, DTL goes beyond simple dictionary lookup by providing context analysis, phrase recognition and morphological support - a plural form in English is translated into the plural form in Arabic.
As Monmonier points out, the split plural form of the book title reflects the complexity and nuance of representing the major attributes of the coastal zone on maps, which he describes in terms of the four cartographic coast lines (i.
Word History: In Latin the word follis meant "bag" or (in the plural form folles ) "bellows.
The one that I just committed irritates me the most: using "there's" when the plural form is required.
It is most commonly found in plural form, and most likely comes from a topographical area in Spain where there were many channels of water.