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Synonyms for plural

the form of a word that is used to denote more than one


Related Words

composed of more than one member, set, or kind


grammatical number category referring to two or more items or units


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To name her brand, Garcia wanted one 'that represents choices.' This is what Plural and Co.
The name of the organization is immediately preceded by the appositive noun phrase: 'Organisers of the monthly Breakthrough for singles and married conference.' The word organisers opening the phrase in apposition clearly presents the organization in its plural form.
Indeed, because the police are always a plural concept, the noun police should always take a plural verb.For instance, instead of "the police ishellip", you must say: "the police arehellip" Yet, recently, the Nation used the noun police singularly, namely, with the verb "is".
Politicians usually use plural personal pronouns we and us to highlight their qualities or positive aspects or of their in-group members.
The Government of Time: Theories of Plural Temporality in the Marxist Tradition
On page 29, the complex phrase [sup.d]quera=i=na=na=a tarma=na=a belongs under the locative plural, not the singular as given.
(1) These nominal elements can collocate with singular or plural verbal forms depending on the speaker's focus, either on the group or on the individual members, as exemplified by (1) and (2) respectively.
You have heard me beg you never to make a plural with an apostrophe.
17-18 [0; 9 inferred]: INES (17 listed words + nonce plural aines)
The tire characteristically includes: a tread having a contact surface (1); plural circumferential grooves (2); plural lateral grooves (3); blocks (4) demarcated by the circumferential grooves and the lateral grooves in the contact surface of the tread; and plural sipes (5) provided in the blocks (4), wherein the bottom portion of each sipe (5) is provided with at least one upward-protruding projection (7) for integrally connecting respective facing groove walls of the sipe (5).
However, I remember that subject and verb must agree in number; i.e., a plural subject requires a plural verb.
A number of Italian plural forms come from the field of music, such as bassi, concerti, libretti and tempi.
Since we have so many new readers, the apostrophe serves to separate the proper name from the plural. The German K98ks might be thought a sub variant, while K98k's wouldn't.
Both subjects and verbs have something called number; that is, the subjects refer either to one item (singular) or to more than one (plural), and the verb follows suit.