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Synonyms for plural

the form of a word that is used to denote more than one


Related Words

composed of more than one member, set, or kind


grammatical number category referring to two or more items or units


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Students of Marxist philosophy search for a material tradition of plural temporalities that would explain the Marxist tradition's capacity to think the specificity of historical time.
But that cannot be said of the reporter's choice of another plural verb-form (are) relative to the noun vegetation.
This alternation of verbal agreement is further complicated when the collective noun takes a plural of-dependent, as in (3), which may interfere in the relationship of agreement between the collective controller and the verbal target.
15-16 [0; 8 inferred]: ARES (15 listed words + nonce plural yares)
En el caso del espanol, la codificacion gramatical del numero nominal puede representar uno de dos valores: singular o plural.
There are also a number of apparently parallel Latin nouns which do not (in general terms) have an -i plural, including bonus, campus, circus, impetus, sinus.
The third-person plural includes the pronoun they and all plural nouns, such as chefs, cities, and tomatoes, and compound subjects connected with and, such as Lydia and Caroline.
sar 'mud', homok 'sand', tej 'milk'; wheat 'buza', air 'levego', health 'egeszseg', or only plural forms (plurale tantum), e.
Project Description: The Project ( DARP SSF Plural ) supports Brasil Plural S.
Singular subjects require singular verbs; plural subjects require plural verbs.
BR), Latin America's largest bank in terms of assets, has rejected a local media report that it had a plan to acquire a stake in investment bank, Brasil Plural, Dow Jones has reported.
RIO DE JANEIRO & SAO PAULO -- Fitch Ratings has today assigned a National Asset Manager Rating of 'M2(bra)' to Brasil Plural Gestao de Recursos Ltda.
The material is organized into four major acts and in the first he presents an outline of the plural actor that considers the illusion of a single self and how the plural actor operates across time.
The gospel that we proclaim this night is always plural; but not only is it plural meaning, for the entire congregation gathered before you.