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But, as years rolled on, this plumpness, encouraged by a tranquil, wholesome life, had insensibly so ill spread itself over the whole of Mademoiselle Cormon's body that her primitive proportions were destroyed.
That look of wan emaciation which anxiety or low spirits often communicates to a thoughtful, thin face, rather long than round, having vanished from hers; a clearness of skin almost bloom, and a plumpness almost embonpoint, softened the decided lines of her features.
The idea of plumpness had a new significance here--a horrible significance.
They appeared poor, and their houses were destitute of furniture; but it was evident, from the plumpness of the little children, that cocoa-nuts and turtle afford no bad sustenance.
The boy sighed deeply, and, bestowing an ardent gaze upon its plumpness, unwillingly consigned it to his master.
From behind that structure came out an im- pression of pale plumpness in a frock-coat.
Plus, your skin will begin to regain its plumpness and your face will reclaim its natural glow as you improve hydration.
The sense of wellness, the remembering of your name, the plumpness of the pillows, the fluffiness of the bread.
BP-Glucan S improves skin texture and plumpness and is shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow's feet, and smile lines.
In the 2016 collection, Obesity in Canada: Critical Perspectives, contributor Elise Paradis points to a late-19th-century "turning point in the medicalization of fat," noting "the impact that food abundance, mediated by class standards, consumerism, religion and medicine, had on bodily standards: plumpness, once a sign of wealth and health, became a sign of indulgence, immorality and sickness."
Plumped-up lips and plumbed-in breast implants were the only body parts showing any sign of plumpness at all.
Not only does the mineral water 'help keep the cells between collagen fibres strong', but it also aids the 'overall firmness and plumpness of the skin', said Alicia.
That will progress throughout your 40s and when you reach the menopause it really starts to accelerate as you lose that youthful plumpness.
Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz 2016 (PS10.99, Higher up the scale with plumpness and poise, this deep garnet red is described by the winemaker as a 'bottle of serious fun'.