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very desirable

(of a voice) affectedly mellow and rich

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Albino was fresh-voiced and agile, with a gorgeous top range and author of a really impressive Act II aria of self-exploration, while Segal's plummier tones were often exquisite, a model of clarity and warmth.
Start by applying a darker, plummier shade on your lid, then sweep on a pale rose to just above the crease.
Australian wine producer McGuigan Wines is ditching its McGuigan Bin range in favour of a new brand that is designed to tap into the growing popularity in the UK of fresher, floral white wines and plummier, less tannic reds.
At 16, she was landing lead roles in Oscars productions and even took elocution lessons from college founder Paula Danholm to prepare for a role in The Importance Of Being Ernest that required a plummier voice.
The sound is rounder, richer, and plummier, a little freer though somewhat less exacting than today's choirs.
Penone's sculpture can fail by verging on kitsch, for although kitsch is sometimes vibrant in art, the kind determined by a chord of beneficent humanism is rarely so, and the Mediterranean dimension of Penone's art can make it all the plummier.
A bit of old world attack here, it's inky dry but with a tight fruit backdrop that's plummier than Kenneth Branagh on a first night.
Diana Vishneva's Aurora was deeper, plummier, more musically aware and daring (even impulsive; there's a touch of wildness in Vishneva).
With this in mind, I would have thought it more useful (and funnier for those of us who watch tonight's programme) if Pierre had started at the bottom and worked his way up to the plummier jobs like all the rest of us have to do.
Kieran Culkin, brother of Macaulay and the rest of that sprawling acting clan, is getting terrif notices for his performance in the just-released "Igby Goes Down," UA's darkly comic update of "The Catcher in the Rye" set in the plummier precincts of Manhattan and Georgetown.