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a rich steamed or boiled pudding that resembles cake

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Here are a small selection of the many letters collected on the Operation Plum Puddings project: From the Evening Mail, Newcastle, |December 31, 1914 "On Christmas Day one of the Germans came out of the trenches and held his hands up.
Cigarettes or plum pudding, football or farmhouses, the Christmas of 1914 was the only one of the war where there was a glimmer of comfort for the men on the front line.
Twenty-five registration groups each provided a hamper of tinned goods, plum puddings and festive fare to single parent families and elderly people.
Lewis & Cooper's dedicated team of eight kitchen staff work all year round to hand-make plum puddings - last year they produced 46,000.
And there is the chance to stock up on some early Christmas presents in the gift shop or treat yourself to come festive food from Forest of Arden 1086 preserves and Christmas mead to plum puddings and ales from the local Tunnel Brewery.
BOSSES gave 500 staff a festive thank you gift of plum puddings NINE MONTHS out of date.
By the time she gets round to her plum puddings, every shallow man in the country will need a lie-down.
I doubt many families will actually be making their own pud when there are so many great plum puddings to be bought at our farm shops and much maligned supermarkets.
According to Tesco, Cardiff shoppers started making enquiries about Yuletide goodies in the summer so they could be one of the first to order Christmas cakes, plum puddings and mince pies from Tesco's internet service as soon as they went on sale.