star drill

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a steel rock drill with a star-shaped point that is used for making holes in stones or masonry

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3 Once the mortar has been broken up, use the plugging chisel to remove all loose material between the slabs.
Tools: Club Hammer Bolster Plugging chisel Stiff brush Drill Masonry drill bit Brush Pointing trowel Bricklayer's trowelMaterials: Builder's sand Cement Replacing a damaged brick Minor repairs to a wall are all about getting to the problem and solving it before the problem spreads and becomes a big job.
1 Use a plugging chisel, which has a thin blade designed to remove the mortar from around the damaged paving slab.
2 Rake out the mortar joints that are damaged and in poor condition using a fluted plugging chisel.
If you need to cut out a single brick or lift a paving slab you need to remove the mortar which is where a plugging chisel comes into its own.