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Synonyms for plug-ugly

someone who bullies weaker people

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It's possible that he's plug-ugly himself and that's why he's saying personality is more important that looks - or maybe he's just really sweet.
When the 1960s counterculture hit, middle-aged, plug-ugly, irascible Bukowski suddenly found himself embraced as a cult figure, largely through his acerbically ranting column in the L.
Despite being plug-ugly, he impressed a drop-dead gorgeous girl at a party the next night with tales of how rich he'd be once his dad snuffed it and she asked him for his business card.
Good leads make the familiar material (based on real events) always watchable, largely thanks to a perf of bovine doggedness by Vangelis Mourikis as the plug-ugly with a temper that just won't stay bottled.
But they look almost exactly like the real Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, who were a couple of murderous, plug-ugly losers who wandered America during the Depression.
Effective teaming of handsome August Diehl and plug-ugly Christian Redl, as mismatched cops hunting a serial killer with a fondness for tattooed skin, is matched by zappy direction from first-time writer-director Robert Schwentke that delivers the genre goods.
I've always thought that Liverpool was a city of extremes - plug-ugly blokes and beautiful girls - but it seems fellas from other big cities are even more hideous, particularly if that city is Portsmouth.
Why are members of the master race always such plug-ugly little gits?
She was hilarious and that, as several plug-ugly male comedians have discovered to their inestimable joy over the years, is just about enough to get a foot in the door.
TWO plug-ugly brothers from Arizona have had $20,000 worth of plastic surgery to make them look like Brad Pitt.
Then why is it, if the English are a bunch of plug-ugly bastards, that every Japanese schoolgirl from Sapporo to Miyajima has a poster of either David Beckham or Michael Owen on her wall?