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Synonyms for pluckiness

Synonyms for pluckiness

the trait of showing courage and determination in spite of possible loss or injury

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Those born in figurative duck-yards need pluckiness, not mere patience, to attain swanhood.
Palau even showed some unexpected pluckiness in its recent dealings with the United States, rejecting membership in the National Exchange Carriers Association (which would drastically reduce long-distance telephone rates) because it believed the offer was merely a gambit to induce a formal agreement on immigration restrictions.
The first, and kinder, viewpoint is that it represents a stunning example of Swiss pluckiness and resistance to government interference in all matters, including finance.
A kind of generational touchstone - author Helen Fielding's word for folks in Bridget's situation, ``singletons,'' is now part of the British lexicon - ``Diary'' has achieved a certain sacred status in the UK, while Bridget has come to represent a universal kind of neurotic pluckiness for the rest of us.
Anna sees and records this world, her pluckiness and intelligence marking her for independent survival, although several calamities make her a candidate for rescue.
OLD SCHOOL I will be doing by damnedest to retain the preschool pluckiness I have as I fly into old age, a la top pensioner, Supergran
But his sheer pluckiness meant that his legend was assured, especially among a British public which has always put heroic failure before pure heroism.
They're just plucky, cheery young Brits out to have a bit of fun and exhibiting some of the have-a-go spirit of freedom and adventure and can-do pluckiness that was once our stock in trade and major export to the world.
The animation is adequate if nothing extraordinary, and children young enough to enjoy such stories will like Arthur's pluckiness among the tiny Minimoys, and his cleverness in defeating Maltazard.
But her own pluckiness, the messages of goodwill from Birmingham Mail readers plus the skill and dedication of the medical team that cared for Karren mean she's well on the road to a full recovery.