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a sharp steel wedge that cuts loose the top layer of soil

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14 November 2017 - New York, US-based healthcare communications network Publicis Health has acquired Connecticut, US-based communications agency PlowShare Group, which focusses on serving nonprofit organisations and government agencies, the company said.
Even after breaking several plowshares and a cultivator against the stone, he continued to work around it.
The exhibit also includes archaeological artifacts from the times of Isaiah concerning his visions and prophecies, including an ancient sword-shaped plowshare reminiscent of the famous verse, "They will beat their swords into plowshares" (2:4).
As the plowshare peeled back the soil, I fumbled in the syrup pail at my belt for seed potatoes, grasped a handful, some newly cut and slippery wet, and stepped reluctantly into the fresh furrow.
Proving grounds; project plowshare and the unrealized dream of nuclear earthmoving.
After breaking another plowshare one day, and remembering all the
Although Project Plowshare honcho Edward Teller is clearly the villain of this piece -- since his hubris rained like fallout on the U.
This had a knife blade, or coulter, that cut deep into the ground, a plowshare that cut grass and stubble at ground level, and a shaped moldboard above the plowshare that lifted and turned the soil.
His later collections include Men of the Mountain (1941), Tales from the Plum Grove (1946), Clearing in the Sky (1950), and Plowshare in Heaven (1958).
In its first seven years, some 20 Plowshare protests occurred --with no acquittal in any trial.
There are 11 projects, collectively named Plowshare, for both types on the AEC underground explosion schedule.
When the plowshare hit a rock or arrowhead, the resulting ping was a signal to look sharp.
The memorial is dug into the side of a hill and the chapel resembles a large plowshare," she said Saturday in an e-mail to this corner, adding, ".
universal), Hall's show critiques the sectarian spirit that can make warring tribes of our various faiths and reminds us of the dangers of using religion as a sword when it should be a plowshare.
It entailed running errands for people, too - things like picking up medicines in town to bring on the way, or taking a plowshare to the blacksmith on Sierra Highway.