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Synonyms for plowed

(of farmland) broken and turned over with a plow

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About 5 percent of the roads plowed by the city are unaccepted.
When a blizzard of red tape and excuses left pedestrians knee-deep in snow on Memorial Bridge, Richard Sorcinelli did what three governments couldn't accomplish: He plowed the sidewalk.
Scopel of Oregon State University in Corvallis reports that test plots plowed only at night grew roughly half as many weeds as plots plowed only during daylight hours.
The plowed soil must have good contact with the subsoil to facilitate the rise of moisture.
The town for years traditionally plowed some private roads, and even cleared out church parking lots after winter storms.
In Kansas, during the late 1870s and 1880s, settlers plowed parallel furrows and burned the middles.
Wheeled riding plows, whether sulky or gang, typically have one large wheel that runs on the unplowed ground--known as the land wheel--as well as a smaller furrow wheel that runs in the bottom of the plowed furrow.
The cleared land was plowed with new ground plows that typically had standing cutters to handle the root problem.