ploughman's lunch

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a meal consisting of a sandwich of bread and cheese and a salad

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And the ploughman's lunch as a specific meal dates back no further than the 1950s.
We all know that a ploughman's lunch is made up of fresh bread, hard cheese, onion and pickles, and harks back to simpler times when ploughmen pulled up their horses in shady furrows, unpacked their humble lunches and tucked in with gusto.
Third-placed Arctic Cosmos and William Buick were still having a leisurely ploughman's lunch at the Spread Eagle in Midhurst as the race went from push to shove and the pair came from miles back to finish in good style.
I had a dream last night and it was simply me walking around Chelsea, savouring the lovely pavements and the pristine atmosphere, wandering down Beauchamp Place, looking at the antique shops and then heading into Harrods, up to the bookshop, maybe having a Ploughman's Lunch in the basement pub.
A ploughman's lunch is the simplest of all, consisting of cheese, pickle (or what we would call relish), bread, beer and typically a green salad.
Leading cheddar brand Pilgrims Choice has redesigned the Ploughman's Lunch to make it the ideal lunch for the average "ploughman" of today.
This summer the company launched a marketing drive centred on the creation of a 21st century ploughman's lunch dubbed the Plough-on Lunch, providing a balanced meal for busy desk diners.
This is to introduce both a discussion of two British films of the 1980s (Richard Eyre and lan McEwan's The Ploughman's Lunch and Stephen Frears and Hanif Kureishi's Sammy and Rosie Get Laid) and an argument appropriate to them, that the surviving realism of British cinema is now strongly marked by questions of representation and signification.
The film The Ploughman's Lunch (produced by Simon Relph and Anne Scott for Greenpoint Films Ltd.
Eyre won a BAFTA TV Award for Best Single Drama for "Tumblewood" and the Evening Standard British Film Award for THE PLOUGHMAN'S LUNCH.
The Brasserie offers bistro-style classics such as the Rockliffe Burger and Yorkshire Dales' Chump of Lamb, as well as a range of healthier options, including salads, soups and grilled fish dishes, while the Clubhouse specialises in gastro-pub comfort food, including Ploughman's Lunch, steaks, toasted sandwiches and Sunday roasts, as well as an all-day menu.
PLOUGHMAN'S LUNCH SP Cooked skinless chicken legs, pickled onions, gherkins, halved hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, carrot and pepper sticks, cherry tomatoes and an apple.
Or in the lively Golden Lion pub they serve bangers and mash, cottage pie, fish and chips or a ploughman's lunch.
Pupils at Ysgol Mair in Rhyl were served salad, jacket potatoes and a ploughman's lunch yesterday - inspired by TV's Flower Pot Men.
You'd be surprised how many business deals have been blown because someone ordered a liquidised ploughman's lunch.