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arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops

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Nature and human experience--agreeing, opposing, or disjoined: Millay broached this question in "Elegy Before Death," where rhododendron, tamarack, pigweed, and ploughland will still be there when you're gone.
It existed in a limbo between ploughland and second-growth thicket.
Glaukos, why is it you and I are honored before others / with pride of place, the choice meats and the filled wine cups / in Lykia, and all men look on us as if we are immortals, / and we are appointed a great piece of land by the banks of Xanthos, / good land, orchard and vineyard, and ploughland for the planting of wheat?
The latter was a straightforward measure of cash in hand; the former an index of tax capacity, as, when juxtaposed with assessment to the geld, the ploughland contrasted how much land was there with how much actually paid the geld.
uk, phone 01924 294000 or write to the Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Administrator, West Yorkshire Police Authority, Ploughland House, 62 George Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1DL.
Mother they write poems O Mother, how much most alien of ploughland bears your fruit
If you are over 21, live or work within West Yorkshire, apply by contacting Catherine Archer, Executive Director, West Yorkshire Police Authority, Ploughland House, 62, George Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DL.
After lunch I rode the black pony for one and a half hours, out beyond Warlus, over the ploughlands and hills and made hunting noises and was quite happy with the corky little animal under me going so nicely.
It reminds me of the many pictures I have seen of Russian tractors on Zambian ploughlands, or locomotive units derailed and left to rot, on Tanzanian railway lines.
demesne ploughlands, the roles of a meadow, pasture and copse, and the rough logistics of the manor's operation.
The same can be said about Lagedi (23 ploughlands and a relatively small number of grave goods dispersed in several earlier stone graves or found as isolated finds nearby) and Saha (12 ploughlands and a small flat cemetery with inhumations in pit graves near the chapel on the Chapel Hill2), while no cemeteries have been discovered at Ulejoe (16), Maardu (12), and some other places of smaller size.
War was profitable where there were towns, villages and farms: where there was a large productive peasantry the fruits of whose labour could be plundered in war and taxed in peace But beyond the ploughlands and pastures already conquered by the empire, there now lay a wilderness.
Now we see only the massive ploughlands and the marks of the plough across our patient tomb.
Two farms - Low Ploughlands and Brackenhurst Home Farm - were identified as examples of best practice for other farms to follow.
Many years ago you converted your ploughlands into pasture: that did a bad turn to your country, which you depopulated in the process.