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Synonyms for plotter

Synonyms for plotter

a planner who draws up a personal scheme of action

a clerk who marks data on a chart


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an instrument (usually driven by a computer) for drawing graphs or pictures

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For a long time no plan occurred to the two plotters that seemed in the least likely to meet with success, but at length the expected birth of an heir gave them the chance for which they had been hoping.
Pellisson and Gourville went out together by the door of the gallery; Fouquet descended to the garden with the five last plotters.
Meanwhile the two plotters had betaken themselves to the same house whither Nicholas had repaired for the first time but a few mornings before, and having obtained access to Mr Bray, and found his daughter from home, had by a train of the most masterly approaches that Ralph's utmost skill could frame, at length laid open the real object of their visit.
Total quantity or scope: 81 laser printers, 10 digital copiers, 1 Plotter, duration of 60 months from 01/02/2016.
Parkway Car Stereo purchased a Roland plotter and cutting machine in July to provide state-of-the art laser cutting for their auto window tint products.
Since shipping its first pen plotter in 1979, and launching its first line of inkjet plotters (the Infinity Series) 20 years later, Gerber has a rich history in offering state-of-the-art plotting solutions.
Included is a 6ft digital printer, 64' Plotter, a 24' Plotter, epson printer and computerized equipment.
When asked what advice he would give the coup plotters who might approach him, Honasan said, "I will just tell them my experience [as a veteran and a failed coup plotter], and it's up to them to decide whether to join the coup plot or not," he told reporters.
Professional Plotter Technology, a leading expert in large format printers, plotters and scanners, has earned the coveted Graphics Design Elite Partner level from HP.
Summary: The wife of convicted airliner bomb plotter Abdulla Ahmed Ali has been found not guilty of failing to pass on information.
The British soldier turned mercenary said he was not a senior plotter in the abortive 2004 coup.
The Admiralty RYA Chart Plotter is the most comprehensive electronic navigational product on the market at just GBP49.
The ProtoMat S62 circuit board plotter has a maximum milling speed of 6" (150 mm) per second with a system resolution of 0.
Plotter milling tools are changed automatically for unattended operation.
A plotter draws vector graphics with a pen in the same way they might be prepared at a drafting table.