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the plot of a book or play or film


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Similarly, another operation was conducted along the Main Margalla Raod sector F-6 and F-7 during this operation, 25 illegally constructed security cabins and two illegally installed generators outside plot line were removed.
"Although Andy later revealed that he had spoken to Berdych the day afterwards and apologised the whole episode had more plot lines than an episode of fact this bout of bad blood on the tennis court was so good you couldn't make it up!"
He used that knowledge to form one of the novel's plot lines - that of an IRA assassination squad targeting a British politician.
Zuckerberg believes that the plot line was created for entertainment purposes because the reality was not as entertaining and fun to watch.
Jack Reacher is Tom Cruise's latest crime thriller with a marginally formulaic plot line and only one redeeming quality; the film features Werner Herzog as the bad guy.
By the second half, the plot line came hard and fast and created a fantastic contradictory tone to that of the first.
Despite an old plot line, Mi4 does have a few surprises.
The show had audiences of up to 20 million in the UK alone and the plot line Who Shot JR?
Eastenders had a plot line concerning cot death - a bit sad for the festive season, but well worth airing in the cause of better understanding of a sadly common tragedy.
The characters are totally believable and are as important to the story as is the plot line. Not to be missed.
Created by those masters of parody, the Wayans family, the familiar plot line for pop dance movies gets kicked up a notch in Dance Rick.
The teens are involved in a study of Romeo and Juliet while the twists and turns of Midsummer Night's Dream and Much Ado About Nothing pepper the plot line. Kate's friends back home have wagered favorite accessories that Kate will find love in Italy after her boyfriend has broken her heart.
Sprinkled with real-world references to pop-culture icons and literary characters, this book will engage young readers with its humorous writing style, rich vocabulary, and magical mysterious plot line. Ages 9-up.
China's rise not only has us all fascinated it is writing the plot line we all follow.'