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Synonyms for plod

Synonyms for plod

to walk heavily, slowly, and with difficulty

to do tedious, laborious, and sometimes menial work

Synonyms for plod

the act of walking with a slow heavy gait


Related Words

walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud

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imagined reality In fact, in another universe there is a PC Plod who is as tangibly real as you or I, which makes my friendship with him in this universe patently actual.
Proceeds from the Plod will be given to a chosen charity at a later date.
After this first run the fish turned and came back into my swim, where it decided to plod around on the bottom.
But Docherty said: "The Italians will plod and plod away and bore the a**e off you - wear you down and nick a penalty or a free-kick.
The second LifeStyle Porthkerry Plod, organised in association with Penarth and Dinas Runners, takes place on Sunday, April 29 at 10am.
Twelve-month-old Mr Plod, a giant English rabbit, tips the scales at 17 and three-quarter pounds - and staff at the leading Black Country tourist attraction say he's still growing
He earned the nickname Rod the Plod after joining the police force.
A 40-year-old tortoise called MR PLOD - after the character in NODDY - has been pinched from a garden in Andover, Hants.
The Pink Plod is taking place at Roath Park Lake, Cardiff, at 12.
In addition to Noddy she also owns Big Ears, Mr Plod, and Miss Fluffy Cat.
The Chorion Group says computer-animated cartoons featuring Noddy, Big Ears and Toyland policeman Mr Plod were also in the pipeline.
Chief Constable Plod despatched a superint- endent, a DCI and two inspectors to nail this appalling crime.
Perhaps we should have just let him plod along and then sign for the club of his choice for nothing when his contract expired (a lesson learnt from a certain Steve McManaman).
I'd have thought the brains at Celador were capable of looking at the evidence without plod poking his nose in.
Three of the Enid Blyton books based on the antics of Noddy (Nodi) and PC Plod (Plisman Plod) are being released by Welsh recording company Sain.