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Synonyms for pliant

Synonyms for pliant

capable of being shaped, bent, or drawn out, as by hammering or pressure

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for pliant

capable of being influenced or formed

capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out

able to adjust readily to different conditions

Related Words

capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking

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She is a peaceful child who, when faced with cruelty and loss, develops into a young woman who is pliant but not wimpy, strong but not aggressive.
Sharp, light steering and a surprisingly pliant ride make the virage one of the first v12 Astons that you don't have to work at to drive fast.
US data storage solutions maker SanDisk Corp (NASDAQ:SNDK) said today it had agreed to take over enterprise solid state drives (SSD) developer Pliant Technology for nearly USD327m (EUR230.5m) in cash and certain equity-based incentives.
VUB300 is a single-chip USB to SDIO bridge that allows SDIO and SD com pliant devices to be connected to any host PC via USB.
Nursultan Nazarbayev almost certainly win the snap poll and extend his presidency into a third decade, buying time to groom a pliant successor to run the Central Asian state's $140 billion economy and fending off parallels to Arab world leaders.
You might think a jacket made from fire hose material would be about as pliant as a jacket made from 1/4-in.
To achieve these performance metrics, Teradata partnered with the leading SSD manufacturer Pliant Technology, Inc.
slender and pliant, then into it, then deeper, snugly, and carries it
This category is the most pliant for elections; the author believes and claims that definitely there will be early elections.
While a largely pliant media lie prostrate in front of the ex-spin doctor, we will continue to expose his hypocrisy.
Pliant Technology, Milpitas, Calif., developer of Enterprise Flash Drives (EFDs), a new class of high-performance, high- reliability storage drives, has unveiled its first family of products.
Schreiber added: "She was pliant but I would say very quiet, maybe shy I'm not sure.
Yarbrough's richly pliant voice is surrounded by a lightly swinging ensemble starring the Nashville saxophonist Boots Randolph.
This is her guide for the British military officers and civil servants who were trying to carve pliant states out of the recently former Ottoman Empire.