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Synonyms for pliancy

Synonyms for pliancy

the property of being pliant and flexible

adaptability of mind or character

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This suggests that loyalty, or at least pliancy, to the central party played a role in their selection.
I put my hand on the point of her hip and could feel all at once the pliancy of it and the meagerness and the newness, too.
There is a sweetness and pliancy about them commonly absent in a feisty, hard-headed male.
Historically, the probability of reinforcement for pliancy may have been greater in the presence of authority figures than in their absence.
The office was designed not to ensure a "servile pliancy of the
To a Spanish language version of "Nights in White Satin" and dressed in a vivid white satin shirt, Eldredge danced with a passion and pliancy that showed just what made him a world champion and six-time U.
This is to be expected since hazel looses pliancy if it is allowed to dry out after being cut (Edlin 1973: 66).
He argues that Meno's character in fact changes over the course of his discussion with Socrates, from relative dogmatism and conceit to some degree of pliancy, partly in response to the obvious intransigence of Anytus.
voluptuous, feminine pliancy, and with the power of domination-a
At the opposite extreme from this pliancy in the face of male demands, Ophelia alludes to the example of St.
Something must have happened to inspire this abrupt display of totalitarian pliancy, and it wasn't the intercession of Jimmy Carter.
At a relatively early stage of his wait in Paris, Matthews articulates what the writer in him senses as being the liberating pliancy of storytelling: "This .
Indeed, the car's pliancy and ability to soak up pot-holes and lumps is, perhaps, its outstanding feature.
Industry, which has gone through the test of time of more than three decades should have a pliancy to come out of the present problem.
But with their own living costs escalating, they can no longer afford such pliancy - even as the district stands ready to slash more than $5 million in staff and programs in the next school year.