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Synonyms for pliability

Synonyms for pliability

the property of being easily bent without breaking

adaptability of mind or character

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The pliability score was found to be decreased at the 6th month evaluation as compared with baseline and 3rd month evaluations in both groups.
And his pliability: someone who would not demand as much transfer-market investment as an elite dugout appointee.
The new filament maintains rigidity during printing and provides exceptional pliability during post processing to enable easier removal of scaffolding at room temperature, which can help reduce the time required to produce finished parts.
It will add pliability to meat processors and producers in their businesses and will also support in linking profit with the farming activity thus adding resilience of livelihood of livestock farmers in the country.
While growth of the heart doesn't sound like a bad thing at first, it can lead to the thickening of the walls of the heart to a point where they lose pliability and have difficulty pumping blood.
What it implies is that the dymanics in contemporary political relationships are changing from hardness to pliability, from strength to flexibility and from ideology to sensitivity.
The Arab Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, continues to counter these Iranian capabilities which pose a direct threat not only to the Yemeni forces and people, but also threaten the Red Sea shipping routes' pliability, along with civilian infrastructure.
Used for clothing as well as furnishings, this ersatz substance is at once solid and light, and unites a morphological pliability with a sense of precariousness and the unfinished.
PDL demonstrated an improvement in burn scar texture, pliability, erythema, pruritis, pain and reduction in scar volume (34-66% improvement) [10].
Articulating each barb with a line of diamonds, Sutra depicts the airy lightness and soft pliability of a feather to plumate perfection.
I've read and heard scads about Brady's all-organic, caffeine-free, anti-inflammatory dietary regimen; his techniques for enhanced muscle pliability; and his injury-preventing, youth-preserving"body coach," who's apparently some Ponce de Le'f3n of the pectorals.
This is great news for anyone who utilizes compression wear, particularly compression garments or athletic apparel, as ActiveSeam substantially increases pliability and improves overall fit.
Nevertheless, the governor, known for his cool demeanour and pliability, survived in his position.