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pain in the chest caused by inflammation of the muscles between the ribs

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Further studies of enterovirus infections in cardiac disease and pleurodynia.
Several male patients in the Yonezawa outbreak also had orchitis, which is described as a symptom of epidemic pleurodynia (24) but may also be associated with systemic infection, although we have no evidence to support this hypothesis.
Another 3% had pleurodynia, 3% had fever with rash, and 1% had aseptic meningitis.
The syndromes include gastrointestinal symptoms, poliomyelitis, perinatal enterovirus disease, myocarditis, pericarditis, pleurodynia, respiratory illnesses, conjunctivitis, hepatitis, aseptic meningitis, encephalitis, hand-footand-mouth disease, and possibly diabetes (Morens & Pallansch, 1995).
Pain in the side of the chest may be due to pleurodynia, inflammation of the muscles between the ribs, often due to a viral infection.