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Synonyms for thoracentesis

removal of fluid from the chest by centesis for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

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Along with routine blood and urine investigations, x-ray chest PA view, ultrasound chest (and guided pleurocentesis), diagnostic pleurocentesis, pleural biopsy were also considered.
The drainage of pleural fluid through a pleurocentesis or a chest tube may allow access of bacteria to the pleural space, with increased risk of CNS infection.
He underwent a right pleurocentesis and in view of his poor clinical condition commenced urgent 'low-dose' 2-day etoposide/cisplatin (EP) chemotherapy that was repeated 7 days later over 3 days.
We considered performing any of the following to be a high-risk exposure: endotracheal intubation >30 min, cardiopulmonary resuscitation >30 min, pleurocentesis >30 min, or bedside care (such as chest care [including percussion and postual drainage] or feeding) >30 min.
All subjects were premedicated prior to arterial or central venous line insertion, pleurocentesis, and snaring of atrial septal defects.
By Pleurocentesis under ultrasound guidance, 2 liters of straw coloured fluid was aspirated from pleural cavity and 20 ml is sent for biochemical analysis including amylase levels.