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Synonyms for thoracentesis

removal of fluid from the chest by centesis for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

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It can be managed conservatively with pleurocentesis and a chest tube or surgically by repairing the fistula and duroplasty (4).
However, despite pleurocentesis and administration of prolonged intravenous folinic acid rescue to counteract methotrexate toxicity, the patient developed confluent blisters on his lower limbs that healed spontaneously with regular dressings.
A pleurocentesis was performed, and the pleural fluid was clear and yellowish, with a red blood cell count of 170/[mm.
10 -Set to pleurocentesis for the Department of Surgical Oncology Thoracic -Chirurgii
Contract award: purchase and delivery of disposable medical devices (oxygen masks, laryngeal, respiratory circuit, puncture central catheters, central air filters, tubing for infusion, eyedroppers, ostomy bags, kits pleurocentesis infusion cuffs, pressure transmitters, equipment renal replacement treatment, philips catheters, drains to cystoscopy, needles, anesthesia and puncture, a system to collect secretions from the bronchial tree) for the specialist hospital in radom.