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inflammation of the pleura of the lungs (especially the parietal layer)

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Charlemagne, who managed to forge the first empire in Europe after the demise of the Roman Empire, died, possibly of pleurisy, after having ruled as Emperor for just over 13 years.
She returned to Baghdad but developed pleurisy and died there on July 12, 1926 of an overdose of sleeping tablets.
A chapter on her legacy recounts how her touring group went on without her after she died of pleurisy (some said exhaustion) in 1931.
At six, he was in hospital for almost a year with a burst appendix and contracted pleurisy at 13, forcing him to spend two years in a sanatorium.
The aetiology is unknown and previous authors have described no history of previous trauma, intervention, or pleurisy in patients with these lesions (3).
Pleurisy is an inflammation of the pleura resulting in fibrous adhesions between lung and chest wall.
The horse had travel sickness, pneumonia and pleurisy.
She spent a few hours in hospital where she was diagnosed with the painful lung inflammation pleurisy.
Early herbalists used the leaves in infusions to treat catarrh, pleurisy and smallpox.
It has been reported that the pleural neopterin level is higher in tuberculous pleurisy (TP) than nontuberculous pleural effusions.
My husband] Courtney healed from prostate cancer; Tammy, my daughter, healed from pleurisy, and her family learned to improve their diets.
Here I am, I've still got pleurisy and now my door's smashed in.
I was always having to use my spray inhaler and suffering from pneumonia or pleurisy and I was on tablets for depression.
In carragenan- and dextran-induced pleurisy in rats, BA decreased the exudate volume and migration of lucocytes.