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inflammation of the pleura of the lungs (especially the parietal layer)

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Harvey et al reported 56% of patients had pleurisy and 16% had associated pleural effusion.
In addition, the influence of duration of DM on radiologic manifestations of pulmonary TB and TB pleurisy was evaluated.
Pleurisy is a well-known phenomenon of exudative inflammation in humans.
He came down with pleurisy and pneumonia and ended up at the Ropner Convalescence Home for many weeks.
At slaughter, lesions observed in almost all of the lungs examined were congestion/hyperemia, hemorrhage, edema, consolidation, atelectasis, and emphysema while abscess, adhesion, and pleurisy were not observed.
He died from pleurisy following a gas attack three days after the war ended in November 1918.
After the 1962-63 tour to Australia, during which he contracted pleurisy, Pullar lost his England place and never regained it.
Dr Burns and his colleagues look after patients with all kinds of respiratory problems and lung disease, including asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis, interstitial lung diseases, cystic fibrosis, pleurisy and tuberculosis.
And that pretty much sums up The Mill - a show so grim it makes the Beeb's rival pleurisy and penury period drama The Village look like the bit from Pineapple Dance Studios where Louie Spence rides past the camera on a tiny tricycle whilst making jazz hands and wearing a tutu.
I've had Hodgkins Lymphoma on and off over the last eight years which has included two bone marrow transplants, months and months in hospital and double pneumonia and pleurisy," he said.
Charlemagne, who managed to forge the first empire in Europe after the demise of the Roman Empire, died, possibly of pleurisy, after having ruled as Emperor for just over 13 years.
Tuberculous pleurisy is thought to be the result of a delayed hypersensitivity reaction in response to the presence of mycobacterial antigens in the pleural space.
A chapter on her legacy recounts how her touring group went on without her after she died of pleurisy (some said exhaustion) in 1931.
At six, he was in hospital for almost a year with a burst appendix and contracted pleurisy at 13, forcing him to spend two years in a sanatorium.
The aetiology is unknown and previous authors have described no history of previous trauma, intervention, or pleurisy in patients with these lesions (3).