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extinct marine reptile with a small head on a long neck a short tail and four paddle-shaped limbs

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En la casa de remates 'Sotheby' estan exhibiendo los articulos para el proximo remate entre los cuales se pueden ver: El craneo de un tigre prehistorico que mide 32,8 cm de largo (13 in) y esta estimado entre 30 mil y 50 mil euros; el esqueleto de un dinosaurio 'Allosaurus', el mismo Tyranosaurus Rxde el periodo Jurasico que mide mas de 30 pies y esta estimado entre 800 mil y 1 millon 200 mil euros; el esqueleto de un Rinoceronte 'Woolly prehistorico del periodo pleistocenico, estimado entre 70 mil y 90 mil euros; esqueleto de un oso de las cavernas del mismo periodo, estimado entre 20 mil y 25 mil euros; esqueleto completo de un Plesiosaurus, estimado entre 320 mil y 370 mil euros y tres fosiles de peces carnivoros del periodo cretaceo; un Paraleops, un Vinctifer, y un Calamopleuris.
As recently as 1977, the Japanese issued a commemorative stamp of a plesiosaurus, which one of its fishermen had caught off the coast of New Zealand.
Others are Donna Shirley, inventor of the Mars Rover robot; Jane Goodall, who did invaluable research among chimpanzees; Mary Anning, who as a young girl found the first complete plesiosaurus ever found, which led her to become a paleontologist; and Sue Hendrickson, finder of the most complete set of Tyrannosaurus Rex bones ever--amazingly enough, in South Dakota.
It looks like a plesiosaurus, which is what they say the Loch Ness Monster is.