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one of the paired abdominal appendages of certain aquatic crustaceans that function primarily for carrying the eggs in females and are usually adapted for swimming

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The laboratory protocols were the same as those of Vazzoler (1996); eggs were removed from pleopods by dissociation in 10% NaClO, and were then vigorous stirred.
The pleopod exopod proximal circumplumose seta arises from an outer process that is perhaps a rudiment of the first exopod article, as seen in some members of Apseudomorpha, Neotanaidomorpha (Lang 1968), and even in plesiomorphic taxa of Tanaidomorpha (Fig.
The group belongs to the crayfish subgenus Procericambarus (Fitzpatrick 1987), which possesses a strong angular shoulder on the cephalic surface at the base of the form I male pleopod's central projection, the central projection accounting for at least 35% of the total pleopod length.
In spiny lobsters of the family Palinuridae, female maturation is usually deduced from "berried" (ovigerous) condition (Groeneveld and Melville-Smith, 1994), the presence of external morphological indicators such as changes in the number of pleopod setae (Gregory and Labisky, 1981; Montgomery, 1992), relative lengths of abdominal and thoracic segments (Jayakody, 1989), or proportional lengths of segments of walking or egg-bearing appendages at the pubertal molt (George and Morgan, 1979; Grey, 1979; Juinio, 1987; Plaut, 1993; Evans et al.
The form of the male pleopod in this specimen was essentially the same as that seen in specimens in Zimmerman's collection from several other sites.
with a CW < about 30 mm, was determined with a dissecting microscope to ascertain whether their pleopods bore setae and thus the crabs were females.
Last, the female second pleopod length underwent positive allometry throughout ontogeny, and the data indicate the existence of a single growth phase.
6G, 11I): Adult-like; pleopod developed; thorax completely covered by carapace; last five thoracic sternal plates with 2, 2, 0, 1, 1 spines.
X2 Epidermis Leg piece(leg) X2 Hepatopancreas Soft Tissues for bank X2 Heart Carapace-disease Gill Carapace-disease Cassette 5 Eyes Carapace-disease Epidermis Carapace-healthy Cassette 4 Gonad Muscle Pleopod Gonad Tail or claws and gills -20g Hepatopancreas Hepatopancreas -20g Sample ID Storage Hemolymph 95% EtOH Hemolymph 95% EtOH plasma cells Frozen Frozen Hemolymph Hepatopancreas Frozen HP Gill Frozen Muscle Frozen Gonad Frozen Epidermis Frozen Epidermis Frozen Hepatopancreas Frozen Heart 10%NBF Gill Acetonitrile Eyes Bonin's Epidermis Bouin's Gonad Muscle 95% Et0H Gonad Whirlpack/frozen -20 Hepatopancreas Amber jar/ frozen -20 X2 refers to the number of samples take.
Molt stage was dichotomized into intermolt and premolt stages, referring to pleopod stage 0 and pleopod stages 1.
We have also observed oxygen gradients in blue king crab egg masses that vary with maternal pleopod fanning (unpublished data).
remains of the patch, eggs and pleopod filaments where eggs were previously attached.
1996) from the following samples: hemolymph and pleopod of an adult female (R391) of Population #1 (Sinaloa, Mexico), pooled hemolymph and pooled whole juveniles (~5 10 g) of Population 2 (Esmeraldas, Ecuador), developmental stages zoea stages 2-3 (Z2), postlarval stage 8 (PL8), tail muscle of juveniles (Population 1), tail muscle and spermatophore of adult male (Population 1), tail muscle of broodstock of Population 2, tail muscle and ovary of two adult females (Population 1), and hemolymph from survivors of a TSV challenge performed at GCRL using families from Batch 2 of OI breeding program.
Female mud crabs will bury themselves in sand to lay their eggs; the sand allows the eggs more mobility to attach themselves to the mother's pleopods, the smaller legs.