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Synonyms for pleonastic

using or containing an excessive number of words

Synonyms for pleonastic

repetition of same sense in different words

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Propositions too are pleonastic entities, and that-clauses refer to them.
PLEONASTIC DOUBLET: a scheme of addition involving two words or phrases joined by a coordinator such as and or or and possessing meanings that overlap largely or entirely for emphasis or clarity:
Roosevelt was warning against the counsels of the appeasers and isolationists who had been immensely influential in this country up until Pearl Harbor, just a month before this speech, and the "dictator's peace" he refers to would have been the separate peace with Germany that they proposed which, after a subsequent German victory, would have left America in the pleonastic state that he warned against.
Late Latin pleonastic reflexives and the unaccusative hypothesis.
pleonastic spelling of the pronoun 'NKY 'aniki "I"; plene spelling of the first-person singular possessive suffix -i "my").
Shakespeare uses repetitive and pleonastic chiasmus as well to reinforce or to suggest the strength of belief.
This criticism is not only superficial and unsubstantiated; it is also misinformed and overlooks the often pleonastic role such words can play, not just in Saba but in the Italian language as a whole, and especially in formal verse.
In this case, however, that could also be interpreted as the optional pleonastic marker of subordination, frequently combined with other subordinators in late Middle English (if that, when that, which that, etc.
pleonastic marking: Jesuiter 'jesuit (jesuit+er)', Offizierer 'officer (officer+er)'
For instance, up to now I have counted twenty-three types of devices of balance, including antanagoge, three kinds of doublets (antithetic, pleonastic and range), triplets (and other kinds of seriation), antimetabole, inclusio, and palindrome.
Shapiro tends to supply two or three usually stale, jingling, pleonastic, and often outmoded ones.
A reviewer notes that the pleonastic ello is "definitely on the decline in the D.
And even that seemingly harmless I in "And I cry" feels pleonastic after "I gasp.