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Synonyms for pleonasm

words or the use of words in excess of those needed for clarity or precision

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using more words than necessary

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However, his editing expanded more than pared, and the pleonasms remain a dominant formal device.
Pleonasm is a semantic notion with diverse structural manifestations defined by its redundancy and the semantic similarity of its constituents.
Webster's definition sounds like a good example of pleonasm
Quite aside from this, for Avicenna and Tusi, mustaqim hamli is not a pleonasm (e.
A pleonasm is still another synonym, meaning "more words than are required to express an idea.
Pleonasm stalks the epic in many other forms as well.
How "Sorsareis" could differ from "Witchcraftis" is not clear; both words seem to refer to illicit magical practices broadly conceived, and this seems to be a case of pleonasm.
00--Rouse's masterful tome encompasses capacious domains but suffers from obscuration due to pleonasm and too many attempts to counter or unify the disparate views of too many other distinguished philosophers.
There is an enormous difference in mental travail between passing through the facile reversible chiasmus of pleonasm, virtual identity, or opposition and parsing the complex, conflicted, multiple relationships that chiasmus may demand.
The signs simply canceled each other out in the redundant excess of what Henri Lefebvre might have called a perfect pleonasm.
Secondly, the interpretation of "piteous ruth" as praise for Mercilla obscures Spenser's unsettling rhetoric: pleonasm, as Thomas Cain points out (Praise in The Faerie Queene, 1978), is a figure often used to alert suspicion in this poem.
The phrase "aesthetic education" is something of a pleonasm, insofar as all post-seventeenth-century aesthetic discourse (as I have argued at length elsewhere) bears within it a pedagogical element.