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Synonyms for pleomorphism

(chemistry) the existence of different kinds of crystal of the same chemical compound

(biology) the appearance of two or more distinctly different forms in the life cycle of some organisms

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1,13) Nuclear pleomorphism, atypical mitotic figures, cytological atypia, and tumour necrosis are seen in leiomyosarcoma, but not in leiomyoma.
7,22) Owing to the degree of pleomorphism and occasional tendency of the cells to aggregate in small groups, the distinction from high-grade ductal carcinoma in cytology may be challenging.
In viral meningitis, the predominant cell is the lymphocyte with marked pleomorphism from normal-appearing to reactive and plasma-like lymphocytes.
Our case showed a mixed population of spindle cells (predominantly) and epithelioid/plasmacytoid cells, demonstrating nuclear pleomorphism, coarse and clumped chromatin, variable inconspicuous to multiple prominent small nucleoli, and occasionally bi-nucleated tumour giant cells/ bizarre nuclei; and lacks the main cytological features elaborated above of conventional melanoma.
On higher magnification, marked nuclear pleomorphism is evident in the tumor cells (Diff-Quik, StatLab Medical Products, McKinney, Texas), original magnification x600).
5) Although mitoses are frequently noted in the spindle cells, there are no atypical mitotic figures or pleomorphism identified.
Reactive mesothelial cells with hyperplasia can be seen in hydrocoele fluid, The cells show anisocytosis and pleomorphism and have a moderate amount of pale cytoplasm.
2 According to his theory, lately challenged by genetic issues surrounding pleomorphism, several forms of beneficial fungi exist in our bodies depending on the health of our protoplasm.
On the cytocentrifuge slide there are 90% lymphocytes demonstrating pleomorphism.
Direct microscopy examination of a Gram-stained bronchial aspiration sample showed numerous polymorphonuclear cells and gram-positive bacilli in parallel rows, which did not show pleomorphism.
Photomicrographs of HE stained sections show a renal cell carcinoma (RCC) with tumor cells arranged in nests separated by thin vascular septae (a; x200); high magnification shows marked nuclear pleomorphism (b; x400); areas of angiomyolipoma (AML) composed of spindled and small epithelioid cells (c; x200) with uniform round to oval nuclei are present (d; x400); at places the spindled cells originate from walls of abnormal blood vessels (e; x200).
There was moderate pleomorphism, occasional mitoses, and prominent vascularity with a hemangiopericytoma-like pattern.
Glomus tumors that do not fulfill criteria for malignancy but that have at least one atypical feature other than pleomorphism (eg, large size and deep location, without atypia or mitotic activity) should be diagnosed as glomus tumors of uncertain malignant potential.
The cytological features reported were hyperchromasia in the nuclei, pleomorphism and mitoses.