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the phenomenon of different colors appearing when certain crystals are viewed from different directions

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It is felt that in this case, by analogy with the optical phenomenon pleochroism, one can observe the phenomenon of linear acoustic anisotropic absorption (LAAA) during propagation of shear waves.
1971) On the pleochroism of vanadium-bearing zoisite from Tanzania.
Orthopyroxene phenocrysts occasionally show green to pale brown pleochroism and exhibit polysynthetic twinning and locally developed reaction rims of hornblende.
In just 30 pages, the author covers polarized light, pleochroism and birefringence, extinction, elongation, optic sign, index of refraction and relief, the spindle stage and more.
measure fiber diameter and observe color and pleochroism.
Thin sections show that the Henley Harbour banding is expressed as differences in the quantity and composition-related pleochroism of extremely fine-grained interstitial secondary clay(?
1997), the overall pale colour, relatively low SG and weak pleochroism corresponded to a member with a low iron content, and therefore suggested tremolite, rather than actinolite, as the identity of this crystal.
Mineralogical data offered along the way are exhaustive, and all data which a gemcutter may require concerning refractive indices, density, color, inclusions, pleochroism, birefringence and other important properties are provided.
Blue crystals exhibit a striking pleochroism from colorless to "cornflower" blue, an optical attribute used to great effect by gem cutters.
In plane-polarized reflected light, it is grayish-white, with white internal reflections and no evidence of anisotropy, bireflectance or pleochroism.
29[degrees], dispersion not mentioned; pleochroism not mentioned; X = b, Y ^ a = 5_ in obtuse angle [beta], Z ^ c = 9[degrees] in obtuse angle [beta].
x] which indicates biaxial (-), dispersion strong; pleochroism X = light greenish yellow, Y = brown, Z = reddish brown; orientation not given.
Optical data: In reflected light: creamy, distinct anisotropism from light to dark creamy, no bireflectance, pleochroism not given, [R.
It has no cleavage, is brittle with a conchoidal fracture and is transparent with strong pleochroism.