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I would suggest, more affectionately, I hope, than censoriously, that Booth's punctuation theory betrays a hippie-era wistfulness for a state of plentitude to be accessed simply by the undoing of modern regulation.
Many of the changes in the Protestant family were made to restore the plentitude lost in the Reformation split.
As her depiction of the puma makes clear, Ortese believes that animals not only share the planet with us but can also suggest a lost plentitude that human beings are desperately seeking to regain.
The outpouring of that divine ecstasy toward the world in kenosis and plentitude is already the fruit of that which is a life-giving and neverending love.
The Geoscape Intelligence System allows us to derive credible intelligence on a plentitude of socio-demographic parameters and is particularly valuable in providing guidance in multicultural marketing," says Jeremy O'Brien, Director of Research and Marketing, North America of Kinetic Worldwide.
The black-eyed peas, therefore, symbolize wealth and plentitude and increasing one's merits.
the poet experiences and expresses the twofold plentitude of God's
Books make wonderfully durable holiday gifts for children, with colorful titles available this year in a plentitude of choices, each one bearing the warm greetings and best wishes of the season.
There is a plentitude of factory ammo available for both 9mm Luger and 8mm Mauser, but I should say I avoid military surplus stuff.
Elsaesser writes that older "cinephiles were always ready to give in to the anxiety of possible loss, to mourn the once sensuous-sensory plentitude of the celluloid image, and to insist on the irrecoverably fleeting nature of a film's experience" (27-28).
That her inchoate statement is read as sufficient ("It is enough") speaks at once to the negligibility of her victim's testimony, and to the exhaustion of race in the sense of both fatigue and plentitude within the American unconscious.
Panels include "High-Speed Fan", a discussion on future trends in the fan experience, "Out Of Control", controlling artist exposure and retaining rights in a time of technological plentitude, and the lively conference finale, the "Crystal Ball" panel, where brilliant minds from various segments of the industry forecast what's ahead.
In River Thieves, the Beothuk tragedy functions as a kind of foundational story--as if to say, these are Canada's roots as a settler-invader culture: tragically ambitious, innately foolhardy, plagued by guilt, yet always seeking to regain some kind of originary national plentitude (with language, with landscape, with aboriginals) that has been irretrievably lost.
Probably Eeckhout's conclusion is due to cordial collegiality--he wants to agree with everybody, and the only way he can harmonize Helen Vendler and James Longenbach is to say the poem embodies plentitude.
Plentitude, then, not infinitude, characterizes the minimum sensible, and the limitation of human sense is not a poverty but a richness, as Berkeley himself claims numerous times: "if we consider the use and end of sight .