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in a bountiful manner

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It was now clothed in the early verdure of spring, and plentifully stocked with game.
Ler Devagar is evidently designed with conversation in mind: everywhere tables are distributed plentifully, in unfussy clusters fit for lively groups and small, neat rows for quiet couples.
Bougainvillea is a fine example, and in fact requires less water to ensure that the flowers (which are actually variegated leaves if you remember some of your middle-school bio) bloom plentifully.
PMD expects temperature to drop and approach six degrees Celsius above the seasonal average on Wednesday with plentifully sunny, dry and hot to very hot conditions.
It is certain the mass of uncollected refuse has caused rodents to breed plentifully.
Marigolds are still heaped on his images, the more plentifully by those who hate his truth-telling spirit.
More than two-thousand years ago, Plato first described the gig economy when he said, "All things are produced more plentifully and easily and of a better quality when one man does one thing which is natural to him and does it at the right time.
In Macedoniaboth the Balkan state and the northern section of Greeceleeks grow as plentifully as onions, so there are many leek dishes from this region.
assured the public that liquefied natural gas (LNG) cylinders used for cooking are plentifully available and there is no fear of disruption in its availability.
45) which were plentifully packed with spiced potatoes, onions, lentils and mixed veg, and came with a small side salad and sauce.
Omega-3 fatty acids found plentifully in fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel along with fish oil capsules - have long been shown to boost the effectiveness of antidepressants and to improve attention both in those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and those without ADHD.
We need a government that will end the bias against the poorest communities in our society, and re-route governmental focus from the South East bubble and level out the inequality that has been so plentifully dished out by the Tories in government.
They concluded that renewable power cannot be made cheaply or plentifully enough to displace coal, and that in any event so much C[O.
Never mind the subdivisions adrift in water with the occasional family trapped on roofs waiting to be rescued by rubber dinghies which bobbed plentifully about.